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A water-colored concept. A few cool shades of blue. A

touch of vintage vanity.

Immersed in the elusive art of visual brand- building using informal, fuss-less technique without compromising style or performance. Setting tired, lifeless design ablaze to redefine your story with purposeful high-drama.

And valuing client investment as if our very careers depend upon it.

of whimsical watercolor
Inspired by the drip drop
tiny bit about our tiny team

candies, yogies, movies, foodies

good book readers, people healers

friends are precious family members  -  

music-lovin', poker-playing, tea-time-plans

blessing-counting, holes-in-one, badass-brands

vast open waters, illustrious travel, 
artistic ensemble, the great outdoors,

luxe LA living, fashion trending, one another,
and a deep-seated passion for game of thrones

And the chaotic drama of botanical watercolor

Design a killer collection of distinct visuals that educate, excite and entice prospects into clients. 

Checkout our portfolio picks as you scroll the site.

ver   arching Artistic Approach

Curriculum Vitae 

Though they aren't exactly apart of our daily doodles, we've been known to design an absurdly awesome resume every now and again. So if you're looking for a serious upgrade - we'd be willing to have a crack at yours ... just saying.

A phenomenal example of badass branding is the incomparable Target (AKA Tarj'e) - so beloved, it

dawns a consumer nickname for chic affordability,

and is instantly ID'd by the logo's crafty name-play.

We like to keep things simple, so, the concept of a brand? The purpose, passion and promise of a company.
Once established, these principles are then realized through a set of richly infused ingredients - name, product/service, story, messaging and visual assets - to which a company consistently & distinctively connects itself. And moreover, to which it's audience perceives it and assigns it value. That said, there are infinite elements to brand development. But our genius is in elevating the creative. 

BDP first collabs with clients to examine their existing brand landscape, its challenges, goals, new development timeline and project budget. Keeping

with our signature simple approach, transparent communication and high-level performance, a robust and well structured work-plan flows into a fresh new brand launch - or a revived and recommitted representation.

Inspire passionless audiences and showcase your market value and dynamic culture with the integrity

and discerning design it deserves.

beauty magazine
ddicted to

Illustrative storytelling

has become an absolute

necessity. Bold visuals

engage consumers into

feeling your unique story of 

humor, drama, elegance -

intensely connecting them

to the intended narrative.


Brand Activations, Props and Custom Creations are tailor-made hand-crafted works of art. They are one of the most exciting and memorable ways to attract and interact with all stakeholders -  clients, prospects, investors, and team.


Of the most advantageous business concepts is depositing multifaceted layers of attractive, educational marketing materials into the marketplace. The idea is

to create a unified series of smart, chic collateral - everything from  blog posts to b-roll - that will  communicate & strengthen your brand. Addressing key questions, guiding with transparency, and ultimately bringing home the sale. 

the wiz tv production
the wiz tv production
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BDP maintains long-standing partnerships with paper-product leaders, annually producing thousands of offset printing pages,

over-sized imagery

and custom finishing.

Ask About Regular

Reprinting Rewards.

gebre hair
gebre hair
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Your name elements,
key messages & graphic enhancements powerfully express the purpose, attitude and validity of

your brand. Missing or poorly integrated branding is often altogether avoided by consumers. But orchestras in concert create consumer

trust ... the cornerstone

of brand success.

honey nail glam
honey nail glam
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universal pictures
universal pictures
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our Website is without question, the MVP of your company.  
It's typically the first viable impression for your prospects and is intended to inform, build trust and drive the sale:

Powerful branding and design influence

Well-written, streamlined & effective copy
Bold visual storytelling & interactive features

Simple CMS, clients control soft site updates
Electronic documents & forms

E-commerce stores, independent sales tools  
Supportive Q&A and customer care setup

Prominent calls-to-action 
Fully integrated social elements  
Pop-ups; info, offers, discounts, promos

Valuable marketing & e-blast components

                 o you have a smart, bold, feature-rich website beautifully                               showcasing your objectives & value - converting visitors into   
                clients by identifying key solutions to their problems?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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What an amazingly artistic and productive relationship we've curated with those Beasleys. The utter madness it is to review projects with our idealistic dancers and reach their expectations to be printed perfectly, and admired even more digitally. They then take these individual works of art and marry them into one breathtaking ballet of
form & function.
Lim Quailo, Owner/Operator
uailo Studio
Artisan Food Industry
Artisan Food Industry

Social Advertising Assets

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Artisan Food Industry
Artisan Food Industry

Full-Scale Marketing

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Artisan Food Industry
Artisan Food Industry

Full Scale Brand Development

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Artisan Food Industry
Artisan Food Industry

Single Social Advertising Promo

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